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  • Custom designed 3D environment

  • Persistent real-time environment for multiple users

  • Custom user profiles

  • Avatar Settings

  • Avatar animations, including emoji reactions

  • Search function for participants

  • Managing user groups and roles and permissions (e.g. visitor, expert, speaker)

  • Integration of 3D product models,

  • 2D website layers (e.g. for images, text, video)

  • Analytics and data reporting

  • 3D spatial audio



  1. Creation of surveys on the platform

  2. Private, group and room text chats

  3. 1:1 video calls and audio conferences

  4. Group video and audio chats 

  5. Presentations and group exchanges

  6. Collaborative work with integrated tools (for example, Google Drive or One Drive)

  7. Programming and presentation of experts, presentations or round tables in the space

  8. "Talk to the audience" feature for selected users/hosts during events 

  9. Video consulting with clients or groups


  1. Free avatar navigation with support for desktop, tablets, mobile devices and virtual reality glasses

  2. Camera or orbit navigation (defined positions in the room)

  3. Classic website navigation for direct access to rooms and information

  4. Customizable hotspots for easy browsing of products, details and information

  5. Integration of details and product information from web pagesb

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